Contact Information

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Wish Granters Inc.
1365 N. Orchard #252
Boise, Idaho 83706
Phone: 208-377-9029
Fax: 208-322-5432
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Executive Director: Doug Raper

Board of Directors: 

Frank Wallace of Pepsi - Board President
K.J. Mac of K-HITS Radio - Board Vice President
Kennette McWilliams of St. Luke's Hospice - Board Secretary
Allison Bender of Balihoo - Board Member
Bruce Wehler of MSTI, Nampa - Board Member
Nicole Hill of Boise Premier Real Estate Team - Board Member
Honey Goodman of Treasure Valley Hospice - Board Member
Judy Geier of the law firm of Evans and Keane - Board Member
Janelle Conaway, CPA - Board Member
Kelly Hagans of Idaho Public Television - Board Member